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I must say that this book definitely helped me understand that my ex had NPD tendencies There is a part in the book that has you list traits and things an N has done that matches the disorder Mine was over 3 pages long, HELLO I also learned that I am a co dependent type of personality, which is why the break up was so difficult on me and why this relationship was so toxic for someone of my personality type Definitely helped me in realizing my own faults and I will use what I learned to never date an N again Very helpful to know I was not alone in my experiences and vulnerabilities. [[ Free ]] ⇔ Narcissistic Lovers: How to Cope, Recover and Move On ⇲ In A Revealing Study Of Relationships Where Partners Love Themselves First, Last, And Always, Cynthia Zayn And Kevin Dibble Help Readers Determine Whether Their Partner Is Over The Line And Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder The Book Draws On The Authors Research And Interviews With A Variety Of Men And Women Who Ve Been Narcissized Featuring Compelling Stories And Scenarios, Narcissistic Lovers Helps Victims Understand The Pain Brought On By Their Abusers, Shows Why These Self Loathers Can T Change, And Offer Hope For Healing From Their N Fliction This was a great book I recently had a narcissist destroy my life I realize now that his behavior fits almost every category in this book, despite him being a creepy little loser, and never much caring about his looks, the book explains his behavior perfectly Made me feel better, and worse Too bad I didn t read this book before I had a relationship with this deeply troubled man. Tells of extreme narcissistic behavior Definitely taught me a lot and gives me great signals of what to stay away from Someone s lack of empathy or kindness and lack of attention or affection isn t my fault Explains why they need to be the center of attention and will compliment themselves 100 times before they say a kind word about you They reel you in at the beginning and use you to lift them up And sex is a tool Sex is a game and no wonder so many sleep around You are just a means for their pleasure You may feel bonding, they feel nothing They may use it as their main weapon Somatic Ns Their false self is a front to who they usually are And explains why I feel my sense of worth ripped apart after dealing with their selfish treatment People with personality disorders don t know they have them or are usually fully in denial But at the same time we learn to never expect apologies for their behavior, and that is the hardest thing about being involved with an N Or someone with very strong N characteristics Time heals all or most wounds He certainly won t be there to help, he s likely long moved on to the next supply Vampires. This is a really great book addressing the plight of the partner of a narcissus Unfortunately, the very nature of a narcissus, what their makeup is, they cannot allow for the possibility that they are less than perfect Therefore, it is impossible for them to have insight as to their character defects So, unless you are willing to live with them the way they are, and accept the blame for the shortcomings of the relationship, you should end this relationship.After I read this, it was very clear to me and yet it is difficult to accept. Depressing but helpful This book has a clear definition of NPD narcissistic personality disorder If you are involved with a narcissist, you should recogize the signs immediately I just think it s depressing that there s nothing you can do to save the relationship This is not the books fault, of course, but it s still depressing If your relationship started out well, but the romance was replaced by insults read this and move on. This book is a great help if you are at the receiving end of a narcissist s bad behavior It is one of the best books I have read on NPD because the authors get down to the nitty gritty of how to recognise narcissistic behavior and how to protect yourself from it It will bedifficult to keep making excuses for the narcissist in your life after reading this book.If you are a narcissist, Alexander Lowen s Narcissism Denial of the True Self might be auseful resource If you are not sure where on the scale of narcissism you are or where another person might be, this website has a short quiz that you can fill in for yourself or for the person you think might be a narcissist It s not a diagnostic scale by any means but quite interesting I found this book a real eye opener For me, it made so much sense with what I ve endured in family life, as well as in relationships I could see why I m drawn to certain individuals and equally, how they are drawn to me and for what benefit Well worth the read if you feel that you are a poor soul, constantly being trod on in life by others Excellent Very practical Storyline examples and teaching rather than textbook instruction Learned that narcissism isn t what many people subscribe to narcissists.