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Chief Inspector Max Camara is in the area of the Valencia Bullring when his called to a case of a murdered and mutilated body of a famous matador, Jorge Blanco had almost singlehandedly revitalised the Bull Fighting scene with his financial approach to ensuring the sport was really a sport and not a money making racket Where there is money involved there is always corruption at some level or another whether it was the supply of bulls, or the experience of the bull fighter or just the punters getting ripped off Into the mix was the fact that Jorge was gay but was getting married to a beautiful actress his artist boyfriend who he kept under wraps, his birth father being a total mystery until just before he dies, a Mayoress who was trying to outlaw bullfighting and a student group who were having daily protest marches throughout the whole of the Fallas five day festival and as a reader you have a super read.Poor old Chief Inspector Max Camara was not the sharpest knife in the box he was an ambling sort of guy who could be relied upon to do the best even though his girlfriend told him he was impotent and his colleagues in the police force appeared to be actively working against him To make things worse his supply of marijuana was low so he had to go to see his father Hilaria in Albecete which he could ill afford timewise to do Rest assured things do get better All very exciting The characters are finely drawn but the whole feel of Valencia was captured so well that it was the place that so captivated me rather than the people.I really liked the passage that explained the loss of Bianco to thepeople of Spain there is a passage which embraces the whole message A few people a solitary man wearing a flat, blue corduroy cap and a middle aged couple, the woman leaning heavily on her husband s arm were standing in front of the building with vacant, lost expressions on their faces as though trying to understand what had just happened, how such a great bullfighting figure had been taken away from them and in a manner which they struggled to understand Lovely piece of narrative.I learned lots about definition and culture of bullfighting and also about the different levels of Police Organisation there were in Spain Great read A bull fighter is found dead and then crimes follow Max Camara, Chief Inspector, comes into play to solve this mystery while Jason Webster takes the reader through a journey of spanish traditions and bull fights My impression was that Webster tries desperately to give this feeling of degradation that exists in all sucessful neo noir novels However, for my taste he s overdoing it and not succeeding as most of the times it feels biased and even the plot twists seem forced The main character is quite interesting but after a while becomes a moving stereotype with every aspect of his life being ruined Still, I think there s potential and therefore I ll read the next novels of the series, hoping for the above to be diminished.Bottom line A enjoyable read without many things to get excited about I hope the next books are better. I ve never been to Valencia After reading Jason Webster sOr the Bull Kills You I could have added that city to places I ve visited I had a great ten day vacation to Madrid a number of years ago The culture, the food, the music were all captivating Valencia, in the words of the writer, offers those joys plus many Max C mara is not without his flaws and demons but he is an excellent detective He takes his share of lumps but just jumps back into the assigned investigations The author has given the reader several scenarios to keep in mind for future novels in this series. This is a really great series of crime novels featuring Inspector Max Camara Set in the Spanish city of Valencia, Jason Webster manages to bring to life the city and it s people In the first Max finds himself investigating the murder of bullfighter who has become an icon within the world of bullfighting Camara finds his life being dragged through the gutters by unknown people, his investigation is blocked again and again and a long term relationship is being tested to the limit If you love Eurocrime this is a must read series. The first book in the series about the engaging and anarchistic policeman, Max C mara These are probably my current favourite detective novels, combining intriguing plots with atmospheric evocations of the Spanish settings mostly in Valencia city He s a very likeable and interesting guy, a bit too good to be true of course , but really well characterised, believable sometimes surprising, always interesting The high speed action scenes are irresistibly exciting, but a bit far fetched at times Good for passing the time when travelling. PROTAGONIST Chief Inspector Max CamaraSETTING Valencia, SpainSERIES 1 of 5RATING 3.25WHY In the city of Valencia, Spain, there are strong forces both for and against bull fighting, an event which has always dominated the scene When possibly the best bull fighter of all time, Jorge Blanco, is murdered, the sentiment sways back to the pro forces Chief Inspector Max Camara, on the anti side, is assigned to head the investigation He is pressed for a quick result but finds things getting and complicated as Blanco s manager is killed and then his fianc e The depiction of the culture is strong, particularly around Fallas, an annual festival that takes over the city The general plot, though, is pretty standard fare and overly long. I am planning a trip to Spain in a few years and that begins for me with reading books from the region That is why I was excited to find this Valencia based crime novel It was good, and opened up bullfighting a little bit for me not enough to make it worthwhile to me, but to understand where those aficionados are coming from The book did not have good flow, so a lot of short readings were required to get though it, but overall it was good. *Epub ✘ Or the Bull Kills You ☚ Either You Kill The Bull, Or The Bull Kills Youtraditional ProverbChief Inspector Max C Mara Hates Bullfighting But One Hot Afternoon In Valencia He Has To Replace His Boss, Judging A Festival Corrida That Stars Spain S Most Famous Young Matador That Night, He Is Summoned Back To The Bullring Where The Young Matador S Dead Body Now Lies, Naked And MutilatedAs The City Prepares For Fallas, The Five Day Festival Of Fireworks And Celebrations, And The Politicians Work Feverishly Towards An Election, C Mara Hunts Down His Prey Through The City S Streets And Bars But As He Follows The Trail Of Death, Money, Corruption And Sex In Search Of The Killer, He Must Also Battle His Own Demons And Desires Detective Max Camera doesn t like bullfighting Unfortunately, his boss does, Pardo, does When Pardo s daughter gets sick he sends Camara to judge the fights for him That s how hee gets stuck investigating the murder of Jorge Blanco, Spain s best matador The investigation takes many twists and turns before getting solved I wasn t sure about this book at first but by the end I knew I would read in the series. Good storyI enjoyed the story and plotline but i did take a time reading it, maybe just me being slow Having been to Valencia it was good to read about the places the story is set in and others that i didnt know, thats made me want to go back there, i will read the next book as im sure camera will go on to better things