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|Kindle ♶ Skill-Building for the Beginner Artist: How to Draw the Portrait in Pencil (English Edition) ♵ Mastering Portrait Drawing Is Not Only For The Talented Among Us Anyone Can Be Taught If You Know How To Write Your Name With A Pencil, You Can Learn How To Draw A Portrait With A Pencil Don T Hesitate, Your Time Is NOW Learn Many Of The Secrets Of Making Realistic, Convincing Portraits In This Lavishly Illustrated BookIn This Book You Will Complete Several Portrait Projects, Gaining New Skills As You Go Along Some Lessons Include Step By Step Illustrations, While Other Projects Will Hold Your Hand Virtually As You Carefully Add Details And Learn New Techniques That Will Give Your Drawings Extra RealismDesigned For Beginners, This Book Is Suitable For Both Adult And Motivated Older Children Approximately Age And Above While The Book Does Not Assume That The Student Knows Much About Drawing And Art, Some Prior Experience With Beginning Drawing Is Helpful Some Additional Beginning Drawing Books Are Recommended At The End Of The Book The First Chapters Give You A Supply List Pencil, Paper, And Eraser , Introduce You To Beginner Drawing Concepts How To Get An Accurate Outline Of What You Want To Draw, How To Shade You Will Quickly Plunge Into Drawing Your First Portrait, With A Lot Of Guidance And Advice Along The WayWhile Several Chapters Use The Grid Method To Help The Beginner To Gain Accuracy, Later Chapters Focus On Freehand Drawing And Drawing From LifeDon T Worry About Having Enough Talent Talent Is NOT Required Don T Feel Discouraged If You Have Tried To Draw Portraits In The Past And Didn T Like The Results Follow Along To The Exercises In The Book And Be Amazed By Your Improvement Table Of Contents Include INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER ONEBEGINNING TECHNIQUES AND DRAWING OVERVIEWCHAPTER TWOGETTING STARTED WITH YOUR FIRST PORTRAITCHAPTER THREESOME NEW TECHNIQUES FOR BEGINNERS SHADING LIGHTS AND DARKSCHAPTER FOURMORE ABOUT VALUES AND LOST EDGESCHAPTER FIVEA THREE QUARTERS VIEW PORTRAITCHAPTER SIXTACKLING THE FRONT VIEW PORTRAITCHAPTER SEVENOVERVIEW OF FACIAL STRUCTURE, AGE AND RACE DIFFERENCES, AND OTHER DETAILSCHAPTER EIGHTCOPYING PHOTOS VS DRAWING FROM LIFECHAPTER NINEREFINING YOUR TECHNIQUE WITH A MORE REALISTIC PORTRAITCHAPTER TENFAQS FOR BEGINNER ARTISTSFINAL WORDS, BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS, ABOUT THE ARTISTJacquelyn Was Born In California, And Was Always Interested In Art She Attended Otis College Of Art Design In Los Angeles She S Always Enjoyed Teaching Others About Art And Drawing, So It Seemed Natural To Start Writing Books As Well She Currently Runs A Small Art Studio Where She Paints And Draws, And Gives Private Lessons To Students Interested In Portraits And Figure Drawing