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I purchased this and a the firefighter book almost 2 years ago before a 3 day Amtrak trip My boys still love this book And read it frequently. Love this My 2.5 year old just recently discovered a fascination with trains This book does a great job showing the variety of trains The illustrations are fantastic and the rhymes make the book a lot of fun to read. The book itself is beautifully crafted the drawings are inventive and imaginative I had thought our 3 year old grandson, who loves trucks and cars and reading books, would be interested in this book but apparently the pages were too complicated for him to follow We rarely made it all the way through. |DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚆ Trains: Steaming! Pulling! Huffing! (English Edition) ♵ Trains, Trains, Trains Giant Engines Snorting, Puffing, Steaming, Pulling, Rushing, Huffing All Kinds Of Trains, From Cabooses To Hoppers And Commuter Trains To Zoo Trains, Clickety Clack Along The Tracks The Mixed Media Illustrations Using Clip Art, Etchings, Original Drawings, And Maps Will Remind Parents And Grandparents Of An Earlier Time Children Will Enjoy The Collages, Puns, And Delightful Wordplay Throughout