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Interesting story about the development of the Mig 15 and Mig 17 jet fighters book has good profile view drawings of the jets with markings of USSR, Warsaw Pact and Soviet supplied jets to foreign air forces. excellent art work This series keeps getting better and better The artwork is outstanding, and many of the facts, figures and stories have not been available anywhere else. I am cleaning the cockpits of a Mig 15 and Mig 21 This book is my reference manual as I translatecockpit instrumentation. .Free Ebook ♫ Mikoyan-Gurevitch Mig 15 & 17 : Fagot, Midget & Fresco ⚖ It Was In At The Start Of The Korean War That The West Discovered The MiG , The First Jet Propelled Fighter Mass Produced By The Soviet Union This Fast, Powerfully Armed Little Machine, Especially Its Improved Version, The MiG Bis, Quickly Turned Out To Be A Formidable Adversary For The United Nations Forces Since It Could Outdo All The Fighters That They Were Able To Put Up Into The Air, A Situation Which Lasted Until The Developed Variants Of The Famous F Sabre Arrived And Wrested Air Supremacy Back For The United States In Ail, Than Fagots The Official NATO Code Name Were Built, Of Which Were MiG UTI Midget Two Seaters The Fighter Was Also Licence Built In Large Numbers In Czechoslovakia, Poland And China The Fagot Had Barely Entered Service Before MiG Designed Its Successor, The MiG Fresco , Which Performed Better And Had Different Wings And Of Which Than Examples Were Built Up Tilt , Including Several Hundred In China And Czechoslovakia Although The MiG Was Withdrawn F Rom Service At The End Of The Sixties, It Was Very Successful Abroad, The Fresco Being The Most Exported Soviet Fighter Until The Arrivai Of Its Indirect Successor The MiG