!Lire ♄ The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando 2017 ⚆ PDF or E-pub free

!Read ♸ The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando 2017 ⚖ THE Comprehensive Guide To Universal Orlando Compiled And Written By A Former Universal Orlando Employee, And Based Upon Decades Of Research From A Team Whose Work Has Been Cited By Such Diverse Sources As USA Today And Operations Research Forum,The Unofficial Guide To Universal Orlando By Seth Kubersky Is Packed With Detailed, Specific Information On Every Ride, Show, And Restaurant In The Resort, Including Insider Details On Harry Potter S Hogsmeade And Diagon Alley, As Well As The New Skull Island Reign Of Kong Attraction Step By Step Detailed Touring Plans Allow You To Make The Most Of Every Minute And Dollar During Your Universal Orlando Vacation Includes Info On Where To Find The Cheapest Universal Orlando Admission Tickets, How To Save Big On Universal On Site Hotel Rooms And Skip The Regular Lines In The Parks, When To Visit Universal Orlando For The Lightest Crowds, And Everything Else You Need To Know For A Stress Free Universal Orlando Experience Well I am very unhappy with this book I got the 2017 version and was so excited to order the 2018 when it comes out..but it s extremely stupid First of all its purose is to compare Orlando to Disney So that should be the title of the book So..I guess I should compare this book to the amazing Disney books The Disney books with full color, better print, and better maps helped me plan my vaca easily 2nd, This is the same info on touring plans Web page I can see for free I wanted a book ABOUT THE PARKS to help me plan my vaca This information may be in there but it is jam packed and crowed in Itty bitty print, with so much garbage to read through before getting down to the actual info I need And really, the EXACT same stuff thats on the website I m sorry, but I do NOT have time to read this crap Ugh Ex For the flight of the hippogriff the website says it s a children s roller coaster and compares it to the woody wood pecker one umm, dah never been there don t know that one either the website also said it appeals to preschool, grade school, adults and seniors Okso is it an actual kiddie ride Or a kiddie ride that any one can ride, like of a family ride like a carousel So..I buy the book to answers these questions And I kid u notthe text in the book is the EXACT same thing Same 2 paragraphso describing the hippogriff ride, word for word and no pic for clarity Super annoying Sorry for my rant but I am disappointed Should have trusted my instinct and just went to the library It deserves no stars I wish I could post pics but my phone won t let me, I will try to add some later. The book is useful, but the endless comparisons to Disney are not I wanted a book that would provide useful information about visiting Universal Studios Orlando The book spent as much time on Disney as Universal I was not going to Disney What if I had never been to Disney How useful would the comparisons had been Helped me and my girls make the most of our Orlando trip to Universal and Islands of adventure s Potter relms. I bought this book just before going to Universal in June What a big help Those souvenir cups with unlimited drinks was a great tip as it was very humid outside The only thing I would do differently is not purchase the Express Passes They were very expensive and not worth the extra money This book, on the other hand, is very much worth the money and is a good way to pass the time on a long flight to Central Florida.