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@Read E-pub ⚸ Kotlin in Action õ Kotlin Is A New Programming Language Targeting The Java Platform Itoffers On Expressiveness And Safety Without Compromising Simplicity,seamless Interoperability With Existing Java Code, And Great Toolingsupport Because Kotlin Generates Regular Java Bytecode And Workstogether With Existing Java Libraries And Frameworks, It Can Be Usedalmost Everywhere Where Java Is Used Today For Server Sidedevelopment, Android Apps, And MuchKotlin In Action Takes Experienced Java Developers From The Languagebasics All The Way Through Building Applications To Run On The JVM AndAndroid Devices Written By Core Developers Of Kotlin, This Examplerichbook Begins By Teaching The Basic Syntax Of The Kotlin LanguageThen Readers Learn How To Use Features That Let Them Build Reusableabstractions, Higher Level Functions, Libraries, And Even Entire Domainspecific Languages Finally, The Book Focuses On Details Of ApplyingKotlin In Real World Projects, Such As Build System Integration, Androidsupport And Concurrent ProgrammingY FEATURES Hands On Examples Tutorial For A New Programming Language Teaches How To Build Android Applications Written By Core Developers Of KotlinAUDIENCEThis Book Is For Experienced Java DevelopersABOUT THE TECHNOLOGYKotlin Is A New Programming Language Targeting The Java Platform It Offersexpressiveness And Safety Without Compromising Simplicity, Seamlessinteroperability With Existing Java Code, And Great Tooling Support When I m buying a book on a programming language, this is usually to have a good, centralized source of information on that language and not to have to look everywhere to learn about it.The reliability of information in this book is unquestionable since both authors are developing Kotlin, and fortunately they have a good didactic approach, which is not always granted with language creators.The book will take you through the bases of the language 1.0, and is rather comprehensive by first justifying its existence and explaining the philosophy, then proceeding to the introduction, brick by brick There is a small part at the end related to building the bytecode with tools like Maven and Gradle, and the general ecosystem, but it is very succint.Even though the book is well structured and didactic, some complex chapters are not very well explained, the collection ranges and constructor delegates, for instance, are very obscure and let the reader down Sometimes too, a key ingredient to understand a feature is only introduced later in the book.Coroutines are not even mentioned, nor native Javascript targets Such shortcomings are becoming a show stopper, two years after this first edition After enquiring about a possible update, I received an answer from one of the authors stating it was still a good introduction and an update was not necessary at this point so there is no knowing whether an update is planned or not, it doesn t seem likely.So as a result, it failed to be the central source of information I was expecting, at least for advanced features.I didn t really find a better alternative to suggest The language website is complete regarding features like coroutines, the multiple targets, and the ecosystem, but it is terrible as a learning medium To take the same example as before, the collection ranges and iterator iterable concepts, not an easiest notion in any modern language only get a confusing and partial coverage, and the reader is left alone to learn those features by trial and error.This language is still evolving, but unlike others, it lacks both a good up to date tutorial and a reference books Kotlin in Action is almost the former, and most certainly a good introduction for the main concepts After that, expect to be hunting down the information for advanced features.Websites like or applications like the Edutools plugin of IntelliJ will be necessary complements in that endeavour, as well as the few blogs and videos on the subject. Thanks to this book, I managed to learn Kotlin easily I recommend it. Il couvre bien les fondamentaux de Kotlin et rentre beaucoup dans les d tails techniques par contre c est parfois un peu difficile de s y retrouver dans l indexation Les exemples sur le site internet sont de qualit s et les bienvenues