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I was in Finsider waiter server book I can find and THIS is the best one ever Buy it, get yourself a glass of wine, and settle in to be amused, amazed, and occasionally, disgusted by the patience it takes to deal with the public in a situation they will never understand.I still have dreams about a full restaurant, I m the only one there, and the kitchen is miles away Server Dreams are real.. @Download Book ⚦ The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips & Trials from a Life in Food Service ñ Millions Of People Have, At Some Point In Their Lives, Waited Tables Some Only Did It In College, Or Got Out By Sheer Determination Or Good Luck Others Took It On As Permanent Employment And Many Remain Haunted By Nightmare Scenarios Where They Are The Sole Server In A Restaurant Packed With Complaining Patrons For All Those Disenchanted Current And Former Food Service Employees, Darron Cardosa Has Your Back His Career Began At A Texas Steakhouse InAnd SinceHe S Vented His Frustrations In The Popular Blog The Bitchy Waiter A Snarky Mix Of David Sedaris, Anthony Bourdain, Erma Bombeck And Mo Rocca, Cardosa DistillsYears Of Food Service Into Dark, Funny Tales About Crazy Customers, Out Of Control Egos And What Really Goes On In That Fancy Restaurant As a customer who has never been the server, I find The Bitchy Waiter s commentary both refreshing dessert It s relevanteven to those of us NOT in the restaurant industry it gives me hope that I, too, can be proud of who I am what I do, and that if I work for it, I can realize my own dreams I spent many years in the restaurant business, both in the front and the back of the house I am retired from all of that now, but if there is one thing I took away from it all, it was how to NOT be an a hole as a restaurant customer.I have been a fan of the Bitchy Waiter blog for years, and often identified with what he writes about This book did not disappoint He is funny, profane yes, he does drop the F bomb a lot, but wouldn t you in his situation , and truthful This book should be required reading for anybody who ever sets foot in a restaurant at all, ever.Buy this book, enjoy it, and please be sure to tip your server when you go out to eat Been in the business for 35 years This is the book I started but never finished writing years ago It s all spot on People not in the industry need to read this to learn how to behave in restaurants By the way the title of my book was coincidentally going to be called The Customer is Not Always Right how to get the service you deserve when dining out Great job, Bitchy At times I laughed until my stomach hurt.