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I m renting this book for the semester I selected Used Very Good Condition This is in very poor condition Some of the pages in the back are ripped and the back cover is ripped kinda It s still legible and it ll be fine for class and small assignments, but I expected Really disappointed. what I expected Rented this book for a class There are maybe one or two interesting sections and examples, but it s all information that is readily available on Wikipedia. My professor had us buy this book She is the one who said it is very readable I completely agree There isn t a lot of text but it is very informational and introduces the topics easily. ( READ E-PUB ) ♸ Design Basics ♺ Filled With Hundreds Of Stunning Examples Of Successful Two Dimensional Design, This How To Book Explains Design Theory And Gives Students The Tools Needed To Create Successful Designs DESIGN BASICS Presents Art Fundamentals Concepts In Full Two To Four Page Spreads, Making The Text Practical And Easy For Students To Refer To While They Work