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Das Buch ist wirklich idiotensicher. Es startet bei Adam und Eva, sodass man simple
Grundlagen des Programmierens nachvollzogen werden können. Mir hat das Buch geholfen, den Einstieg zu finden. Natürlich sind englisch Basiskenntnisse erforderlich.
Man wird Kapitel für Kapitel etwas mehr gefordert. Am besten gefällt mir, daaa häufig vergleiche gezogen werden, sodass abstrakte Sachverhalte einen Bezug bekommen.

Ich würde dieses Buch jedem empfehlen, der Interesse an generative Art / design interessiert ist und Geduld hat sich schritt für schritt vorzuarbeiten. Das Buch besteht sowohl aus theoretischen Teilen, als auch Praxisaufgaben. @Download Pdf ⛈ Processing - A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists Æ The New Edition Of An Introduction To Computer Programming Within The Context Of The Visual Arts, Using The Opensource Programming Language Processing; Thoroughly Updated Throughout The Visual Arts Are Rapidly Changing As Media Moves Into The Web, Mobile Devices, And Architecture When Designers And Artists Learn The Basics Of Writing Software, They Develop A New Form Of Literacy That Enables Them To Create New Media For The Present, And To Imagine Future Media That Are Beyond The Capacities Of Current Software Tools This Book Introduces This New Literacy By Teaching Computer Programming Within The Context Of The Visual Arts It Offers A Comprehensive Reference And Text For Processing Processing, An Opensource Programming Language That Can Be Used By Students, Artists, Designers, Architects, Researchers, And Anyone Who Wants To Program Images, Animation, And Interactivity Written By Processing's Cofounders, The Book Offers A Definitive Reference For Students And Professionals Tutorial Chapters Make Up The Bulk Of The Book; Advanced Professional Projects From Such Domains As Animation, Performance, And Installation Are Discussed In Interviews With Their CreatorsThis Second Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated It Is The First Book To Offer Indepth Coverage Of ProcessingAnd , And All Examples Have Been Updated For The New Syntax Every Chapter Has Been Revised, And New Chapters Introduce New Ways To Work With Data And Geometry New "synthesis" Chapters Offer Discussion And Worked Examples Of Such Topics As Sketching With Code, Modularity, And Algorithms New Interviews Have Been Added That Cover A Wider Range Of Projects "Extension" Chapters Are Now Offered Online So They Can Be Updated To Keep Pace With Technological Developments In Such Fields As Computer Vision And ElectronicsInterviews
SUEC, Larry Cuba, Mark Hansen, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jürg Lehni, LettError, Golan Levin And Zachary Lieberman, Benjamin Maus, Manfred Mohr, Ash Nehru, Josh On, Bob Sabiston, Jennifer Steinkamp, Jared Tarbell, Steph Thirion, Robert Winter Elegantly written, very instructive, easy to learn. Ich muss sagen, das ist das erste Programmierhandbuch das mir in die Finger gekommen ist, welches als Hardcover verkauft wird.
Außerdem ist es schön illustriert und gut beschrieben (für jene die Englisch können).
Ich kann es trotz des hohen Preises, welcher mich zu Anfang auch abgeschreckt hat, jedem empfehlen der wirklich Interesse an der Sprache hat und absoluter Neuling ist. Für erfahrene Programmierer würde ich dieses Buch nicht empfehlen, da für jene auch die Internetdokumentation ausreicht. I was doing an online course using Processing and, in spite of the very good online help, I wanted a book.The choice came down to two and I made my decision but chose this one by mistake.When it arrived I thought, I meant the other one, but my mistake was a good thing.I know something of programming and this book doesn't have page after page of stuff anyone who has done any programming knows.It is stuffed full of explanations with complete code (all downloadable) for the Processing constructs.The book itself, as other reviews have noted, is a nice feeling book.Processing is a brilliant language for newcomers; I think this book is best suited for anyone with any programming experience, however small.If you have done no coding at all you may want another book first. A good book, a quality textbook that is recommended by Universities where this language is taught. It is covers the langauge and associated software comprehensively, making it a good reference book.

However, it is on the expensive side, and I think it could have been more inspiring than it actually isit's a little dry.